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The REAL Dr. Anthony Fauci

Featured The REAL Dr. Anthony Fauci

corbettreport.com | James Corbett discusses Dr. Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., author of of the new book "The REAL Anthony Fauci".

We have U.S. Fdederal officials who are consipiring with Chinese military officials to hide truth from the American public...and you look at Australia and Canada...these irreplaceable democracies are now totalitarian regimes...they are literally building concentration camps...I would say this is armageddon...this is the apoocolyptical forces of ignorance and greed and totalitarianism...this is the final battle.  We need to win this one. - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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Last modified onMonday, 22 November 2021 06:15
Henry Rearden

Henry (known as "Hank") Rearden owns the most important steel company in the United States, and invents Rearden Metal, an alloy stronger than steel (with similar properties to stainless steel). He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Lillian, his brother Philip, and his elderly mother. 

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