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Tiborasaurus Rex's Sniper 101 Series (Parts 1-100)

YouTube.com | TiborasaurusRex | Snipers, hunters, target shooters, ladies and gentlemen... Finally, Rex Reviews releases this long awaited free online long range shooting / sniper tutorial. TiborasaurusRex will walk you through everything you will need to know about sniper ammunition and cartridge selection, rifle and equipment options, basic and advanced external ballistics, making effective ballistic charts, rangefinders and distance determination, long range marksmanship, shooter / spotter team dynamics and communication, choosing a FFP, making the shot, spotting the shot, and much more.

H.R.3999 - THE THREAT IS REAL! ~ Rex Reviews

YouTube.com | TiborasaurusRex | Rex issues a stern warning to sleeping patriots concerning HR3999. WTFU!!!! Time to exercise your first amendment rights like your life depends on it - - - because it DOES! ! (video below)

Oath Keepers Urgent Warning

www.oathkeepers.org | Oath Keepers has received very credible information from an active duty source within the special operations community that at least one SOD-X (Reserve/National Guard Special Operations Detachment, see thisthis, andthis) unit under the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been tasked for this standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and moved to the area.   That source contacted one of our long-time members who is a retired Special Forces 1st Sgt (who has known the source for over twenty years).

Bundy's Warn of FBI Attack

www.infowars.com | According to Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, who is currently on the ground at the occupation’s epicenter, several sources speaking with Ammon Bundy have stated that the FBI are preparing to descend on the remote location.

“Ammon Bundy says that they do have credible intel from three different sources that they believe that the FBI will be coming down on them,” Biggs said.


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Ammon Bundy Responds to Stewart Rhodes' Statement Re: The Hammonds

In this video, Ammon Bundy responds to comments by Oath Keeper's Stuart Rhodes regarding the occupation of the Federal Building in Oregon.  While not defending the Government's actions, one aspect of this video that is disturbing, is the repeated references to "the Lord" and statements that he understands "what the Lord" thinks or wants.  Using religion to justify this is an immediate red flag and claiming to know what "the Lord" wants is a disqualifying characteristic of someone that requests others to follow them into peril.


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White House "Fact Sheet" on Gun Control Executive Actions

www.whitehouse.gov | The following article is from Whitehouse.gov.  I thought it would be good to have their point  of view documented so people can judge for themselves.  I can't bring myself to include the begining of the article though since it's so political and filled with trigger words and phrases.  Beyond the specifics of  the actions, which may arguably be supported by many people, the manner in which this is being done, by Executive Action, rather than by the  normal legislative process, is alarming.  It smacks of an "ends justifys the means" approach  to leadership.

Oregon Militia Press Conference

Oregon Militia Leader Says Government Is “Putting People Into Poverty” An armed militia group in Oregon took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon on Saturday as part of a demonstration against the U.S. government. The occupation was also in protest of the prison sentences handed down to local ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steve, who were convicted of arson after they burned 139 acres of federal land in 2001. The Hammonds were due to surrender to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons on Monday. Ammon Bundy, a Nevada rancher, is acting as one of the militia's leaders. He is the son of Cliven Bundy, who has a history of clashing with the federal government over land grazing rights. The FBI took over as the lead agency for the ongoing standoff on Sunday. They said in a statement that they would be working with local law enforcement to "bring a peaceful resolution to the situation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge."


Oregon Standoff: A Terrible Idea That We Might Be Stuck With

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Alt-Market.com

www.oahkeepers.org | Well, there is whole host of things wrong with this situation, which is why I never supported or endorsed “Operation Hammond Freedom” to begin with.  There is a lot of misinformation out there at this time on the debacle in Oregon, and certain alternative media outlets seem to be conveniently overlooking particular facts.  I suspect that some people in the movement simply want to “kick it off” (a second American revolution), and they don’t care if the circumstances of that kick-off are favorable or terrible (I realize “favorable” is relative, but starting this fight from a much stronger position is more than possible).  This attitude was prevalent among some at Bundy Ranch, as certain groups refused to dig in positions for a real fight in the hopes that they would be “martyred” for the cause.  This, in case you were wondering, is idiotic.

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