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Ragnar Danneskjöld

Ragnar Danneskjöld

One of Galt's first followers, and world famous as a pirate, who seizes relief ships sent from the United States to the People's States of Europe. He works to ensure that once those espousing Galt's philosophy are restored to their rightful place in society, they have enough capital to rebuild the world.

Website URL: http://www.GaltReport.com

Are We Headed for Hyperinflation & Economic Collapse?

Aier.org | The Federal Reserve responded to the 2020 coronavirus outbreak and lockdowns with an unprecedented expansion of the money supply.  Historically, this type of expansion has often led to high inflation and economic collapse.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial - Day 1

YouTube.com | Robert Gruler Esq.| The Ghislaine Maxwell trial started with opening statements from Government Prosecutor Lara Pomerantz and Defense Attorney Bobbi Sternheim. Robert reviews the scene and proceedings. (3 Videos below)

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Glenn Greenwald on Rittenhouse Verdict

rumble.com | Glenn Greenwald.  Glenn discusses the Rittenhouse trial and realted political and media distortions and misconduct and hits on a key insight on the motivation of the politicians and media that disregarded all the facts in this case which is to criminalize any belief or ideology but their own.  These people throw political and ideoloigal lables on people that don't agree with them (racist, white supremicist, domestic terrorist) in an effort to crmininalize any believe system or person that disagrees with them.  That's why these people are dangerous They WILL put you and your family/friends in prision if you disagree with them and you give them the power to do so.

New Patent: Digital Surveillance to Vaccinate People

ReclaimThe Net.org | Patent and trademark attorneys Dr. Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster of Ehrlich & Fenster recently had a US patent approved for a technology that aims to surveil people via their digital activity, give them a score that defines "the potential level of super-spreading activity of each individual, " and then vaccinate people based on this score.

Joe Rogan: This is a Left-Wing Cult

Rumble.com | Dinesh D'Souza.  Joe Rogan discusses the disinformation put out by the mainstream/left-wing media and says we're in a left-wing cult.

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