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Steve Pieczenik Unloads on Trump's Afghanistan Strategy

Infowars.com | Steve Pieczenik appeard on the Alex Jones Show and unloaded a fierce critique of President Trump's recently announced Afghanistan strategy.  Steve lays into President Trump's Generals like McMaster & "Mad Dog" Mattis, calling them disgraceful, cowards and idiots in referrance to their advice to President Trump and the stated goal to "kill terrorists" and the continued use of the events of 911 as justification for the "war on terror" (video).

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FBI Suspects Congress/DOJ Leaked Grand Jury Indictment to the Awans

TruePundit.com | According to TruePundit.com, FBI sources suspect members of congress may have tipped off the Awans to the Grand Jury Indictment.  Further, some Federal Law Enforcement sources believe that members of congress may have been tipped-off by a leak in the DOJ or the FBI itself.  Prior to his arrest, Imran Awan behaved like someone who was tipped off.  Citing another example of potential inteference in the investigation, TruePundit.com sources believe that none other than former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Directory Andrew McCabe made the call to let Imran's wife, Alvi, escape back to Pakistan in March of 2016.

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Democrats Approved 120,000 Equipment Write-Off for Awans

DailyCaller.com | A staff member for Democratic Rep. Yvette Clarke signed off on a $120,000 equipment write-off for "missing electronics" for two former IT staff who are suspected of stealing equipement from congress and possibly selling access to members emails according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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