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Mueller Pulls Comey Imunity Deal

TruePundit.com | According to TruePundit.com, there has been a falling out between U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Chief James Comey which may leave Comey vulnerable to potential criminal charges, according to DOJ and FBI sources.

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FBI Agent Who Wrote Anti-Trump Texts Interviewed Hillary Clinton Counsel

TruePundit.com | Peter Strzok, the FBI section chief fired from special council Mueller's investigation over his alleged anti-Trump texts, also interviewed Hillary Clinton counsel Cheryl Mills.  In addition, Peter Strzok is believe to have played a role in the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton and the Trump Russia "collusion" investigation.

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Judicial Watch Releases 29 Pages Of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents

JudicialWatch.org | Judicial Watch today released 29 pages of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents related to the June 27, 2016, tarmac meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton. The documents show that FBI officials were more concerned about leaks than the actual meeting itself.  The new documents also show that then-FBI Director Comey seemed to learn of the meeting from news reports.

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FBI Deputy Directory McCabe Told Agents to Lie About Benghazi Investigation

ZeroHedge.com | GOP lawmakers have come forward with new allegations of political bias or interference at the FBI - this time involving the 2012 Benghazi attack. John Solomon of The Hill reports tht Rep. Ron Desantis (R-FL) recently interviewed a retired FBI supervisor who told him he was instructed by Deputy Director Andrew McCabe not to call the 2012 Benghazi attack an act of terrorism when distributing the FBI's findings to the larger intelligence community - despite knowing exactly who conducted the attack.

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