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The Right to Privacy

I find this to be a very important topic, since it was written into our United States Constitution in the first place. There was a reason for that as I will try to explain below. I will use myself and my practice of that right on a daily basis. I will also give my opinions as to why it is so important that we exercise that right, and not feel intimidated by anyone that would say otherwise for any reason.

I was just recently confronted with a question as to why I use a fictitious name, and why should I have to use it if I have nothing to hide. The simple answer is my right to privacy, and common sense.

If you recall, our Constitution, specifically, our Bill of Rights covers this very well. You know, that piece of paper that so many have died trying to preserve.  I actually believe in it. I think it was filled with some very good advice, written by some very wise men of very differing opinions.

Just like our founders knew that a private ballot was necessary to prevent intimidation at the ballot box, we also have to expect that the 1st amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a  redress of grievances”; And the 4th amendment, " The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”  That covers it pretty well, so that we can express our opinions, have our right to privacy, have Constitutional protections, and not have to endure any persecution for having those opinions and rights too. At least that is the way it is supposed to be.

First and foremost, the very thought of having to be confronted and told that we have to supply our name, address, and every other personal thing about ourselves seems to be against all that the Constitution stands for. In the America that I grew up in, these things meant more than just words to me. They were something that represented honor and integrity in government too. It also applies in all aspects of my personal life too. Besides my bible, I think that the Constitution is my personal guide in how I should handle my life and, how I need to respect others too.

The simple fact that I could travel and not be hindered in any way was what made America a great nation, which many other nations have looked at and saw the power it gave to the individual. It acknowledged and upheld the person’s unalienable rights, given by their creator, not by any man.

Hence, the reason that so many that have experienced tyranny, have fled to the United States to escape the persecution, and to restore their right to have a life without having to answer to someone requiring them to carry papers to prove who they are and, to get permission to speak freely no matter what the content of their speech, as long as it was not something that subverts our Constitution or, speaks to incite violence or malice towards any other person.

Having said that, I will say that in this world that we live, there are very few things that aren’t known about each of us, packed away in some file with all our information in public, as well as private databases. Whether it is the car I drive, the house I own, or my buying habits, These things are used to know everything that can be known about me whether I like it or not.

A lot of the information that is obtained is really not something that matters in the sense that it is frivolous information in the first place. But it does tell what kind of a person I am to anyone that is looking for particular data that can be used to help whatever cause they have whether it is political, criminal, or, just to see what kind of soap I like to buy.

This brings me back to the original intent of this article. It is my way of saying that what few things that I want and can keep private, I still have a right to do. And I will never apologize for wanting to have my privacy to anyone.

In regards to any person of reasonable intelligence, that would not be something that is unreasonable in asking. It is also my way of saying, I read my Constitution, and I know all too well, that those that say I must have something to hide by using a fictitious name, are completely missing the point here. If I want someone to know about me, I supply them with all they need to know me. Whether I use my real name or not, matters not, and in my opinion, it is irrelevant. My actions speak louder than any words I can ever say anyway.

In this world that we live, there are people that I would not care to be close to because they would or could be a detriment to my life in some way or another. They could care less about anything I care about, and only have their own interests in mind. I respect that, while at the same time I pity them for their waste of useful resources in a negative way. Those are the people that I really don’t want to make it easy to find out about who I really am. Not only that, are they someone I want to associate with? I think not.

Besides, we all know the old saying from back in WWII on the posters that would say, “Loose Lips, Sink Ships”.  It makes sense when thinking about how some people will think nothing about my concerns, and only see things to benefit themselves, while wearing blinders to the real truth. Are those the people that I want to have in my circle of friends?

In my time, I have learned enough to know when it is time to keep my mouth shut and, what I should or, should not say for the simple reason that sometimes I can be my own worst enemy in that regard. Especially if what we say is taken out of context or, misinterpreted.

On a personal note, when I am establishing any relationship, my first rule is I “respect the privacy” of those that I wish to become friends with. I think it is always best to be completely honest and never lie, unless my life depended on it. The reason I say this is simple. I myself, cannot remember everything anyway, So in my opinion, it is always best to stick with the truth, because I have less chances of forgetting that than making up a lie that I know from personal experience, I will probably get caught up in after close examination.The other side of the coin is how much information I do divulge to anybody I don’t know very well. My advice to this is, VERY LITTLE!

First off, it is not a lie to not spill my life story to someone that I just met. Secondly, I need to test the waters to see if they are someone that I can trust. If they get all upset because I don’t tell them everything about myself, then my thought is that they are probably someone that I should not trust to begin with anyway, and just walk away without even arguing with them.

They might even say, they are telling me all sorts of things about themselves, why shouldn’t I? For the simple reason, how do I know who they really are?  All the things that they say could be a lie. I wouldn’t know that until I have time to check them out and listen carefully to what they say and do. Besides, I would be suspicious of anyone that starts sharing their life story to me without even knowing me in the first place. They can’t be very intelligent in my opinion or, they aren’t using good judgment skills.

I’m not saying that we should live our lives in paranoia. I am just saying that we should use common sense.  I have a rule for trust and it works pretty well for me so far, “if I stick to it”. It is this. I trust my GOD first, family second, and all others are a very distant third.

I apply that rule to ALL relationships. If someone wants to be my friend; they need to give it time. I want to like everyone, but I also want to protect my privacy too. Until I can know that they are someone that I can trust, possibly with my life, or the lives of those dearest to me. You don’t have to believe me, but I challenge anyone to using that as a test and they will see if I am right or wrong.

If anyone can’t accept me the way I am and, with the way I do things, that’s their problem. I live with myself 24/7 and I don’t have to please everyone. That’s just the way I roll.

So when I think about relationships and my privacy, I always test the waters first. I personally have learned that the hard way too.

Some may say that isn’t being real; I would disagree with them. I would say that it is a trust thing. And I think that people need to earn my trust. Spilling my guts to someone I don’t really know is obviously not a smart thing in my opinion. Even if I want to get to know them because they seem like great people, I have to be cautious. If they really value the relationship there should be no time frame in establishing it either. We have all had people that seemed really nice, only to find that they weren’t when the chips were down.

If anyone ever says that I am afraid because I won’t tell them my life story, I never fall for that one. It has nothing to do with being afraid; it has to do with being smart and remembering that my privacy is my right. I only hope that they understand that. If not, I say, have a great life and, I wish them the best. I always remember to try to respect others at all times.

It’s all about me practicing my right to privacy under the Constitution and, using common sense.


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Slight of Hand

When it comes to watching all that is happening around us, it becomes pretty clear to us that are watching everything, that something is happening, and it doesn’t look good to me.

In this last election, we saw that the GOP pundits in the media were all touting that Romney was going to win by a landslide. But as we all know, the end result was that Obama won. 

The thing that is really unnerving is that all of the exit polls projected Obama the winner even before California, Washington State, Idaho, or Oregon votes were even tabulated.  

It just raises the question of why do we vote for a President in the first place, if all of it doesn’t matter? The reality of electing Presidents lies with the Electoral College anyway. 


To further this frustration for the voter, the Electoral College is selected by the elected officials of the two main parties, not directly by the people. But unfortunately, the people in general don’t know this either because they are ignorant.

The only reason I do vote for President is because I want it known that I prefer one person over another. Not because my vote counts in the big scheme of things really. It is like my personal statement to all those out there in America. 

But here again is where I can’t help but get upset by our government in general. The elected representatives that we do elect by popular vote; choose to ignore the will of the majority of Americans, and pass any laws or rules that are applied to American citizens at their whim, for their own political or personal gains.

To add insult to injury, they now consider anyone that disagrees with them as either a racist or a terrorist. What ever happened to free speech? In the America I grew up in, you could say or believe anything you liked, as long as it didn’t cause harm to another by infringing on their Constitutional rights.

A case in point is the producer of that inflammatory movie that was anti-Islam. He was just sentenced to one year in prison! Where is the ACLU on that case? Why aren’t Americans upset over this basic infringement on his fundamental right to free speech? Did he really hurt anyone physically? What about Christians? People say all sorts of offensive things about them all the time. In movies, on television and in politics. None of those people are sent to prison or even prosecuted. While that happens, pornography in America has reached new heights. That is as offensive as anything that this guy had done is his movie to me. But you don’t see anyone in our government going after pornographers because they are protected under the First Amendment. What about gays? If you oppose gay lifestyle, you are now considered homophobic. I personally can care less what they do when they are alone. But when they want to have a gay pride parade, and they walk through the streets with all sorts of strange, bizarre, and outright disgusting attire, in the eyes of the law, they are within their First Amendment rights. What about all the books that the government disagrees with. Those authors are quietly being suppressed by being black balled or outright being threatened with prosecution or even worse. These are just a few of the things that I see as the law only is being used against those that the government opposes.

If a Christian speaks out against abortion, they are considered intolerant. But if a Muslim wants to complain about the fact they are being racially profiled, the government sides with the Muslim, and tells the Christians they are going to be prosecuted if they assemble to demonstrate against abortion. I would say by using these examples, that there really isn’t free speech in America as so many people like to say.

We saw how Ron Paul was demonized in the media as being a racist because someone else wrote something anti- black, and used his name. Mind you, he never did anything that has been proven against any persons of color. In fact, his life has shown how he is just the opposite of that.

Then we have certain preachers that espouse their own world views, and they are either praised or condemned based upon whatever suits the needs of those in power at the time. Whether what they say is something we agree on matters not. It’s called free speech! 

We need to allow others that disagree with our opinions or viewpoints, if we want to have OUR free speech rights.  This is why the founders did NOT set up a country that had one religion, or for that matter, did not want to hamper our ability to dissent by having officials elected by the people and for the people. A truly free society allows for this disagreement. We have to allow it even if the opinions or actions of the one saying or doing it are totally without merit. We leave the merits of that opinion or belief to the individual to discern, not a government entity. That is what America was all about. That is true free speech.

So when you hear that people want to oppose your views or opinions, just remember, that is their right. You should be happy that they have that right. But they need to allow you to believe what you want to believe also. If they want to chop your head off because you don’t agree with them or, won’t believe what they want to force you to believe, that is infringing on your life, liberties, and your fundamental right to pursue happiness by following a path that YOU chose for your life.

I only hope that we as Americans will see that the election process and that all just laws, need to be upheld or implemented by men and women that will use the weights and measures of the Constitution as their benchmark to retain our liberties and only make just law. 

But it is WE THE PEOPLE, which need to understand OUR responsibilities in electing the right people into office in the first place. We can keep going on and not caring, and not doing something about it, and we will surely see the tyranny only grow greater with no opposition or, we can make today the day that we start to hold all people accountable for their actions. Especially people in authority, since they are the ones that we elect to hold the public trust, to protect us from those that would take advantage of their positions and oppress others. 

I can only hope that this generation will see the slight of hand that has been played upon us and, learn to see the tricks for what they really are. They are just an illusion. A horrible illusion! It is really aimed to divide us, and to conquer America through the deception of racial, spiritual, and the moral decay of our society.


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Thoughts for the day after the election

Today I sit thinking about the election that just played out before us. I can’t help but wonder about this election process as a whole, and the way that Americans have played into it.

There seems to be this whole thought process that goes into why we voted for this candidate or the other. Except for the fact that most Americans know nothing about their chosen candidate in reality other than what they hear from others. 

It has gotten to the point that many people are feeling empty inside because of their candidate losing the election, or that they feel their lives have changed for the better because the candidate they voted for was elected. Nothing could be farther from the truth in both those ideologies. Let’s examine this in a logical way.

First, the president or an elected official is a person that has convinced people by words or deeds that they have chosen to say or not say, to get the vote they need to get elected. The opposition uses the same tactics to dissuade you from voting for them, and to have you choose them instead.  The media uses whatever they can dig up to either support or destroy the opposition. Not really fair unless you are opposed to the other guy. When in reality, they should be showing us the real persons past actions more that innuendos or personal opinions on that person’s character.

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Obama and Biden Need To Clean-Up Their Act

washingtonpost.com | Early this morning I was chatting with Bill Bennett on his radio show. I suggested that what President Obama needed to do was lock up the political hacks such as David Axelrod and Bill Burton and Roberts Gibbs and get some sage advice from mature Democrats. I offered that such figures might suggest to Obama that he is frittering away his brand, diminishing his stature and looking smaller by the minute.

But then Bill and I tried to come up with who those mature adults might be. It is not like he is going to listen to Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), who is still odd man out among Democrats. In the White House the likes of Valerie Jarrett reign supreme. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta? Well his calls to fix the sequestration cuts are being ignored, so I doubt he carries much weight. Bill Clinton? Well, it’s not certain in his heart of hearts which ticket he’d like to win. What about Clintonites such as Lanny Davis, Larry Summers and Robert Rubin (no relation)? I doubt that Obama would pay attention even if they cared to try to counsel him.

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A Fourth Of July Message

The Fourth of July

An open letter to all Americans

Since it is the fourth of July weekend I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts with you and all my Patriot friends to show what I see is happening here in America and in the world right now.

I hope that this will fire your spirit of liberation and help the cause to strengthen our resolve to continue the good fight to peacefully if at all possible, win hearts and minds to protect our freedoms as written into the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights and to protect them with all of your might, strength, wealth, time, and treasures. Being willing to do what is required to do to preserve these rights, they are not privileges, for all Americans. Even those you may not agree with. 

I am not the first to say that it’s is our duty for our generation to preserve, protect, and defend it, for if we don’t, we are no better then the enemies of it. After all, our Constitution is more than just a piece of paper to me and others that realize the sacrifices that have been made to protect it all these years since the founding of this nation. 

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Israel Stronger Than Ever Under Netanyahu

WashingtonPost.com | While incumbents around the world are struggling to hold on, one is thriving. By bringing the rival Kadima party into his ruling coalition, Benjamin Netanyahu has become “king of Israel,” in Aaron David Miller’s phrase. He has an unusual, perhaps unique, opportunity to use his new power to secure Israel’s future.

Netanyahu’s coalition now commands the largest parliamentary majority in Israeli history. He faces no plausible rival as prime minister. When pushed on the Palestinian issue, Netanyahu has often cited the constraints of his coalition to explain why he had not taken bolder steps toward resolution. Perhaps he liked being constrained: He refused to form a national unity government in 1996 (with Shimon Peres) and refused again in 2009 (with Tzipi Livni). But now he has a broad enough base of support — with many moderates — and could move toward a peace settlement without endangering his hold on power.

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Obama: The Great Divider

What follows is a great analysis by Charles Krauthammer, of Obama's Political technique of divider and conquer, putting one part of America against the other, for political advantage.  Win at any cost is just the norm in modern day politics.

WashingtonPost.com | Poor Solicitor General Donald Verrilli.Once again he’s been pilloried for fumbling a historic Supreme Court case. First shredded for his “train wreck” defense of Obamacare’s individual mandate, he is now blamed for the defenestration in oral argument of Obama’s challenge to the Arizona immigration law.

The law allows police to check the immigration status of someone stopped for other reasons. Verrilli claimed that constitutes an intrusion on the federal monopoly on immigration enforcement. He was pummeled. Why shouldn’t a state help the federal government enforce the law? “You can see it’s not selling very well,” said Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

But Verrilli never had a chance. This was never a serious legal challenge in the first place. It was confected (and timed) purely for political effect, to highlight immigration as a campaign issue with which to portray Republicans as anti-Hispanic.

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Ted Nugent Unplugged

Unless you have not been around any media at all, you have heard what the media has said about Ted Nugent's comments about either being Dead or in jail if Obama is re-elected. I came across this today in the World Net Daily news. I also saw his approximately 25 minute interview that he held at the NRA convention that was conveniently sound bit for our consumption by most of the media to say that he threatened our President directly. 

Well, hearing it come from Ted directly, it doesn't sound the way the media portrayed it, but please don't believe me.  Just listen for yourself and make your own determination. If you agree with what he said, don't pass up the opportunity to pass this along to your friends, family and even the enemies of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I will finish with this by saying if you care at all about the future of America, and care about your freedoms that you still have left, you better get off your ass and do something, or expect this country to go the way of Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Nazi Germany did.

The whole reason that this administration is shaking in their boots is because this man speaks the truth, and he speaks it directly.  I may not agree with any man on all topics, but I must say that he has some valid arguments and he is definitely NOT afraid to express his first amendment rights!

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Attacking The Second Amendment

For much of my life I have respected the opinions of Mr. Bill Cosby. Overall, this man is the personification of a great American man. But all good people do make mistakes. This is one of them that I need to point out publicly for one reason only. Because he is such a public person, many people tend to agree with him just because of who he is, rather than rationally looking at facts. 

First, I must preface this with the fact that Mr. Cosby did not join in on the race baiting as others have done. I thank you and the writer for that Mr. Cosby. As you well know, it is counter productive to the messages I have always seen you portray in your public life. 

Mr. Cosby, the comment you made in the news get lots of attention for obvious reasons. You are a man of sensibilities and you are good natured. You have brought much joy to many millions of Americans including myself over the years. You are, in my opinion, an American icon. But in this opinion about “the gun,” I believe you are wrong.

I have listened to all the media pundits, and their opinions regarding the Trayvon Martin killing. I have yet to say I have formulated any opinions, until all of the facts are uncovered in a court of law, not in the court of public opinions. 

The reporter said that you Mr. Cosby, stated that in this case, it was "the gun" that was the reason that Trayvon was killed. I do agree, a gun killed Trayvon, but not for the same reason as is being projected in the article or by Mr. Cosby, if that is what he really said.

According to the reporter, it is implied that George Zimmerman was looking to confront Trayvon. In the leaked police report, it said that George Zimmerman was on his way back to his vehicle. I think that to suggest that when someone is following someone, that they are looking to confront them, is suggesting some evil intent. This is just my opinion in this particular case. 

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