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Maryland to Ban Arsenic Drug in Chicken Feed

washingtonpost.com | At his family farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Lee Richardson raises thousands of chickens from fuzzy hatchlings to the juicy broilers stacked at grocery stores far and wide. Like a lot of farmwork, this seems simple, but it’s not.

Within each bird, a war is being waged. Parasites called coccidia threaten to eat through their guts, one veterinarian said, “like that thing in the ‘Aliens’ movie.” To fight the bug, Richardson was one of many growers who relied on a controversial remedy, Roxarsone, a drug containing arsenic. “We haven’t used it for a while now,” Richardson said recently, because Perdue Farms, which pays him to grow chickens, decided they should be arsenic-free.

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LA County "Food Police" Conduct Door-to-Door Milk Confiscation Raids

Infowars.com | In a bombshell revelation of the depth of the food police state that now exists in LA County, California, NaturalNews has learned that the LA County health department has unleashed door-to-door raw milk confiscation teams to threaten and intimidate raw dairy customers into surrendering raw milk products they legally purchased and own.

According to Mark McAfee (see quotes below), both LA County and San Diego county have attempted to acquire customer names and addresses from Organic Pastures (www.OrganicPastures.com) for the sole purpose of sending “food confiscation teams” to customers’ homes to remove the raw milk from customers’ refrigerators. Using both phone calls and home visits, these teams intimidate customers and try to force them to give up their milk.

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Minnesota Moms Threatened With Criminal Charges for Distributing Fresh Food

Infowars.com | The following announcement has been issued by the Raw Milk Freedom Riders. A call to action for Monday, May 14th is also included below. The Minnesota government is taking its cue from California and declaring war on fresh milk, threatening to throw moms in jail for providing fresh food to infants and families. Here’s the announcement:

Minneapolis, MN — Several Minnesota mothers who organize community access to local fresh farm foods plan to risk criminal charges by openly and publicly defying warnings from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). The MDA has threatened several mothers, conducted investigations against them and sent them warning letters that if they continue helping provide fresh food to their friends and neighbors, they will be subject to criminal charges and prosecution. The MDA alleges the Mothers are violating food-handling regulations.

Dozens of individuals who are disgusted with what they regard as MDA’s overly aggressive tactics are expected to join in the same activity as these mothers.

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Are We Prepared For A Federally Mandated Diet?

A bit of truth here seeping into the mainstream media.  The Washington Post writer below touches ever so lightly on the federal governments continued efforts to reach into and control every aspect of our lives, including what we put in our mouth to eat.  She is, from what I can tell, accurately reporting on current and likely future attempts by the government to regulate our diet, even giving a probable justification of controlling federal health-care costs.  We bolded and underlined the brief but relevant portion of the article below.

WashingtonPost.com | Close your eyes and picture 110 million obese people waddling around America’s sidewalks. You’ll probably want to keep your eyes closed.

Such is the scenario suggested by a new study projecting that 42 percent of American adults will be obese by 2030. That’s 32 million more than today’s 78 million. Of course, they probably won’t be waddling. They’ll be in their cars in the fast-food lane, as they are now. Recall that independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”) gained 24.5 pounds after one month of eating exclusively at McDonald’s.

Nothing less than a “major public health intervention” is needed, according to Eric Finkelstein, a health economist with the Duke University Global Health Institute and lead author of the study.

What this means is anyone’s guess, but it isn’t far-fetched to infer that a government-mandated health-care system eventually would necessitate a government-mandated diet to control costs.

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CDC Vaccines Give Monkeys Autism

NaturalNews.com |  If vaccines play absolutely no role in the development of childhood autism, a claim made by many medical authorities today, then why are some of the most popular vaccines commonly administered to children demonstrably causing autism in animal primates? This is the question many people are now asking after a recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh (UP) in Pennsylvania revealed that many of the infant monkeys given standard doses of childhood vaccines as part of the new research developed autism symptoms.

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