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30 Covid Facts You NEED to know

off-guardian.org | Kit Knightly has produced a highly sourced article on 30 key Covide-19 Facts.  This is an important must read article.

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Covid Pill Could Pose Serious Risks

www.barrons.com | Merck announced that its anitviral molnupiravir performed well in a trial of high-risk Covid-19 patients.  However, some scientists are warning that the method it uses to kill the virus could be dangerous and limit the drugs usefullness.

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Frontline Doctors Coronavirus News Conference

www.Breitbart.com  | The widely censored viral video of Frontline Doctors discussing treatment for the Coronoavirus and their subsequent news conference discussing the banned video are below.  

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CA Doctors Advocate Lifting Shelter-In-Place

www.GaltReport.com | Two CA doctor's advise America to lift it's lock-down. The two doctors in Bakersfield want to have California's shelter-in-place order lifted.  Dr. Daniel Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi run an urgent care facility in Kern County.   The two doctors say that we now know enough about the virus to know what risk it presents, which they argure is similar to the flu, and there is no need to continue the shelter-in-place or to have bussinesses shutdown (video).

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