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Illegal Aliens Being Quietly Relocated Across U.S.

  • Published in Immigration

JudicialWatch.org | Judicial Watch is reporting that Homeland Security officials are telling them that groups of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. from the southern border are being quietly relocated to different parts of the country on commercial flights at airports in Texas and Arizona. The illegals wear red HHS wrist bands and are escorted by taxpayer-funded government escorts in civilian clothes.  The illegals apparently get priority boarding ahead of all other passengers including law enforcement.

The Obama-era program, known as "Catch and Release" appears to be continuing in the Trump administration, despite it's tough stand on border security, according to frustrated DHS sources.  A recent article in the Washington Times quotes Border Patrol agents in Texas as saying that they have been ordered to release illegal immigrants entering through Mexico because there is no bed space at detention facilities which has resulted in a surge in illegal crossings according to Border Patrol officials.

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