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Judge Unseals FBI Affidavits & Search Warrants in Las Vegas Shooting

USNews.com | AP | A U.S. Judge in Las Vegas unsealed 315 pages of FBI affdavits and search warrant in the deadly Las Vegas shooting reflecting what investigators found during their search of Stephen Paddock's car and home after he was found dead in his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay resort. (download pdf)

The affidavits reveal that Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley told investigators they would find her fingerprints on bullets because she sometimes helped Paddock load ammunition magazines. 
Another document said Paddock apparently sent messages between separate email accounts with similar names (centralpark1 @ live.com & centralpark4804 @ gmail.com)  referring to buying and selling assault-style rifles and so-called "bump stock" devices to make the guns fire more rapidly adding to speculation that Paddock may have been involved in selling firearms and using these email accounts for test purposes or perhaps having given access to one of the accounts to someone else.
Additionally, an email between Paddock and Marilou (marilouroses @ live.com) was discovered discussing a wire transfer to Marilou who was in the Phillippines at the time.
Video below from Jake Morphonios from Blackstone Intelligence Network (formerly End Times News Report) discusses the documents.

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Last modified onSunday, 14 January 2018 12:12
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