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FBI Wants New Tools To Monitor Us

Foxnews | Living on the edges of the Internet, cyberstalking sex addicts, terror suspects, and spambot purveyors communicate through secret chat boards and instant messaging tools, send real-time communiqués through Facebook, talk over Web phone services like Skype, and generally live off the grid.

It's called "going dark," and the FBI wants to put an end to it. Now.

Senators Criticize FBI, Army in Fort Hood Shooting

Foxnews | A Senate report on the Fort Hood shooting is sharply critical of the FBI's failure to recognize warning signs that an Army psychiatrist had become an Islamist extremist and amounted to a "ticking time bomb."

The report concluded that both the Defense Department and the FBI had sufficient information to detect that Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had been radicalized to violent extremism, but they failed to understand and act on it. It said the FBI's top leaders must exercise more control over local field offices and put to better use the intelligence analysts who should have been able to connect the dots.

EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations

Eff.org | EFF has uncovered widespread violations stemming from FBI intelligence investigations from 2001 - 2008. In a report released today, EFF documents alarming trends in the Bureau’s intelligence investigation practices, suggesting that FBI intelligence investigations have compromised the civil liberties of American citizens far more frequently, and to a greater extent, than was previously assumed.

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FBI Hunts 911 Gang That Got Away

Telegraph.co.uk | The FBI has launched a manhunt for a previously unknown team of men suspected to be part of the 9/11 attacks, according to the Daily Telegraph.


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FBI Witch Hunt Targets Dissenters

Infowars.com | following a media hailstorm blaming the Loughner shootings on “rightwingers” and “conspiracy theorists,” the FBI has actually begun visiting the homes of dissenters who criticize members of Congress to investigate their intentions.

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