Illegal Immigrant Killer of Kate Steinle Gets "Time Served" | The illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle, a tourist in San Francisco in 2015, in a case that gained national attention, will not have to serve any more time in jail, a judge ruled on Friday.  The judge sentenced Jose Ines Garcia Zarate to "time served" for illegal gun possession, the only count that Zarate was convicted on by the San Francisco Jury in November.  The verdict provoked outrage among many, including President Donald Trump, who called it a “disgrace”.

Maria Espinoza, National Director of The Remembrance Project describing the miscarriage of justice in the Steinle trial,

"all of us at  The Remembrance Project  are heavy with empathy and sorrow. Sorrow for the Steinle family and the many other ‘stolen lives’ victims of illegal alien killings.

But pro-Amnesty special interest groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that fund establishment DACA apologists like Speaker Paul Ryan and the 32 terribly misguided politicians who believe illegal aliens are the priority instead of the safety of Americans...well they feel something else entirely. . .

They are not on board with President Donald Trump’s America First Agenda!

The Remembrance Project provides a voice for victims killed by illegal aliens.  You can help support their work here.

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