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A Recommended Honorable Exit Strategy for Ammon Bundy

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I believe you know that I respect you as a man of great, inspirational courage and conviction.  And likewise for your brothers.   It was your family’s inspiring courage and conviction at Bundy Ranch in Nevada that caused me, Oath Keepers as an organization (with hundreds of our members answering the call), and many other groups and individuals to come from all over the nation, rifles in hand, to protect your family and back you up, shoulder-to-shoulder, as you took a strong stand for your rights and for the Constitution against a clear and present danger of military trained snipers and Special Forces veteran “contractor” mercenaries.   When we saw the militarized posture of the .gov forces arrayed against you, we veterans felt honor bound to interpose ourselves between them and you, to prevent your ranching family from being “Waco’d.”  It was a profound honor to do so, and it was a stand that will go down in history.

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John Galt

John Galt is our fearless leader.   Before founding The Galt Report, Galt worked as an engineer for the Twentieth Century Motor Company, where he secretly invented a generator of usable electric energy from ambient static electricity, but abandoned his prototype, and his employment, when dissatisfied by an easily corrupted novel system of payment. This prototype was found by Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden. Galt himself remains concealed in a remote valley, where he unites the most skillful inventors and business leaders under his leadership.

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