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There Is No Privacy Anymore

You know that anyone that is half awake has always known that there are certain elements in this world that would cause you to use caution. A case in point is when you talk on the phone or the internet you should know that there are certain things that may or may not have you put on a watch list. I have known since I was a young man, that to talk about certain things on the phone was not a good idea. The internet is exactly the same too. Because we know there have always been people that listen in on phone conversations from as simple as the phone guy that has too much time on his hands, to the hacks that can get into your lines, to duly authorized law enforcement authorities.

Then comes the newest laws, and abilities of the computers that are tracking "key words". Such words can trigger even a rather innocent person that is not aware of the true nature of surveillance, to worry about speaking freely in a private conversation. An example would be to say something derogatory about a public person or politician. This can cause a triggering affect that can land you in the hands of someone from law enforcement. They might even knock at your door in very short order too.

The least that could happen is that you will have some explaining to do. The next step is you could be put on trial for perceived threats. The worst case scenario is that they don't even have to give you a trial now in America thanks to NDAA. This is why common sense would dictate that you watch what you say, and be careful about the context you use in your right to free speech.

This brings up another thought. If you can't say something about someone or something, do you really have free speech? Also, if you are being spied upon at random, is that true freedom? The obvious answer is NO!

What really matters is that you know that this can and does occur in the real world, whether you want it or not, or believe it or not.

You should realize also that you are the one that is responsible for what you say. So you should use your words carefully and make sure that you state the true purpose for your belief or opinion at the time you say it, so it cannot be misinterpreted by anyone of reason.

This brings up my next point. Should we be afraid of what we say? Absolutely, we should if we are not bright enough to know that if we say it the wrong way, it can and WILL be used against us in this world we now live.

There is no privacy anymore. The proof of it is all around us. From your browsing the internet, to purchases at the store. Everything that can be associated with you is being associated with you. They tell us it's for marketing or demographics. But is that really what it is for? Yes and no is my answer. 

Here is an article that I think everyone should read to see what is in store for all that choose to live on the grid. It is getting harder and harder to live off the grid now. But it is not impossible to do if you value your privacy.

This is not new to most people that are aware already. But it is important to note that I think that this article is two-fold in its purpose. 1) Is it is a form of intimidation, and 2) Is it is a warning to those that aren't aware. And since it is mainstream in nature, I would lean more towards an intimidation tactic than a warning to most of us that are awake.

I am not afraid to say what I think. I am just very careful in how I say it. I encourage everyone to do the same, but do not stop telling the truth and exposing the lies and corruption, no matter what intimidation the elite throw at us. It is either that, or you might as well give up the whole reason for trying to be good an honest, and join the evil in their rampant abuses as well.


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