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Oregon Standoff: A Terrible Idea That We Might Be Stuck With

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Alt-Market.com

www.oahkeepers.org | Well, there is whole host of things wrong with this situation, which is why I never supported or endorsed “Operation Hammond Freedom” to begin with.  There is a lot of misinformation out there at this time on the debacle in Oregon, and certain alternative media outlets seem to be conveniently overlooking particular facts.  I suspect that some people in the movement simply want to “kick it off” (a second American revolution), and they don’t care if the circumstances of that kick-off are favorable or terrible (I realize “favorable” is relative, but starting this fight from a much stronger position is more than possible).  This attitude was prevalent among some at Bundy Ranch, as certain groups refused to dig in positions for a real fight in the hopes that they would be “martyred” for the cause.  This, in case you were wondering, is idiotic.

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Oath Keepers Steward Rhodes on Oregon Stand Off

www.oathkeepers.org | We cannot force ourselves or our protection on people who do not want it.   Dwight and Steven Hammond have made it clear, through their attorney, that they just want to turn themselves in and serve out their sentence. And that clear statement of their intent should be the end of the discussion on this.  No patriot group or individual has the right or the authority to force an armed stand off on this family, or around them, against their wishes.  You cannot help someone who does not want your help, and who are not willing and ready to take a hard stand themselves.

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Tech Companies Call for End to NSA Surveillance

www.washingtontimes.com | Leaders of the world’s eight largest Internet companies Monday urged President Obama to end online mass surveillance and bulk data-gathering, like that revealed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden.

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Busting 8 Common Excuses for NSA Mass Surveillance

This is a great article below from the Electronic Freedom Foundation on how to refute 8 common excuses for government mass surveillance. 

www.eff.org | We’ve heard from lots of folks who are passionately concerned about the NSA’s mass spying, but are struggling to get their friends and family to understand the problem and join the over a half-million people who have demanded change through stopwatching.us and elsewhere.

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Rand Paul: Americans Trading Liberty for False Security

www.breitbart.com | In the opening pages of Ray Bradbury’s famous novel Fahrenheit 451, protagonist Guy Montag asks: Wasn’t there a time when firemen used to put out fires? They laugh at him, rebuke him and say: Everybody knows firemen start fires.


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Police Grab Cell Phone Data Using "Tower Dump"

www.infowars.com | Sheriffs in Richland County, South Carolina are currently defending the use of a controversial investigation method that grants them access to thousands of cell phone user’s data.

The technique, known as a “Tower Dump,” allows law enforcement to request all call, text and data transmissions from any specific time period from a cell tower’s provider. Search warrants obtained by WLTX News uncovered Richland County Sheriffs use of the technique during several cases including a 2011 vehicle break-in outside a sheriff’s home.

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FBI to Roll Out Facial Recognition

www.cnn.com | From fighting terrorism to processing payments in the blink of an eye, facial recognition is set to change our ideas on privacy.  A number of exciting developments in the field could even push its toughest critics to reconsider.

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NSA May Have Hit Internet Companies Weak Spot

www.nytimes.com | The recent revelation that the National Security Agency was able to eavesdrop on the communications of Google and Yahoo users without breaking into either companies’ data centers sounded like something pulled from a Robert Ludlum spy thriller.

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