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Surveillance Cameras Can Read Your Text Messages

Stuff.co.nz | Surveillance cameras are now so powerful that they were able to zoom in on individual spectators at the Rugby World Cup and read their text messages.

Details of police monitoring used for the first time during the tournament were discussed at a privacy forum in Wellington yesterday, at which it was revealed that the average person is digitally recorded about a dozen times a day – and even more if they use email and social media frequently.

Superintendent Grant O'Fee told the forum how one incident at the Rugby World Cup "tweaked in my head" a concern about possible privacy breaches.

Camera operators who were scanning the crowd for unruly behaviour or suspicious packages chose to zoom in on a person who was texting.

FBI Wants New Tools To Monitor Us

Foxnews | Living on the edges of the Internet, cyberstalking sex addicts, terror suspects, and spambot purveyors communicate through secret chat boards and instant messaging tools, send real-time communiqués through Facebook, talk over Web phone services like Skype, and generally live off the grid.

It's called "going dark," and the FBI wants to put an end to it. Now.

Police Increase Use of Drones

Washington Post | AUSTIN - Agents of the Texas department of public safety who believed a man to have a large amount of drugs and weapons in his home, launched a small bird-like device called as Wasp to beam live video to agents on the ground.

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