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The US Energy Policy – Planned Power Outages

fromthetrenchesworldreport.com | Recently, I had a lively discussion with an acquaintance that lives in Texas who was disagreeing with my premise that America is no longer operating under a free market system.

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Hank Greenberg: 'Geithner & Paulson Smelled Blood In The Water'

dailybail.com | How did it all come apart so quickly? Here are the pieces Mr. Greenberg says he sees falling into place. In 2005, a trade group called the International Swaps and Derivatives Association got together and drafted new standards for the kinds of credit default swaps AIG had been writing.

Previously, Mr. Greenberg explains, losses to the underlying securities were paid off at maturity. Now, cash payments would have to be forthcoming to cover any drop in value or credit downgrades even before any losses were realized.

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Rand Paul on Iran Sanctions

antiwar.com | In the news section, I (John Glaser) critique some of Senator Rand Paul’s foreign policy speech at the Heritage Foundation yesterday. One aspect of the article that I could not elaborate on is Sen. Paul’s support for sanctions against Iran.

Following his speech yesterday, I was afforded the opportunity to ask Paul a question about about this. The sanctions, I said, are not only strategically ineffective, but they are a cruel form of collective punishment that harm innocent Iranian civilians, without much purpose beyond political points at home. Instead of serving as an alternative to war, as Paul said in his speech, sanctions have historically been a prelude to it.

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Sheriffs Bushwhacked

americanfreepress.net | Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County, Delaware, when he was elected to the office in 2010, thought he was handpicked by the people to represent them as the highest-ranking law officer in the county. Instead, he has found himself in the middle of a fight for the future of American law enforcement as a result of a nationwide effort to abolish the sheriff’s office altogether.

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A Place to Vent about Proposed Gun Law Threats That Hits The Target

Galt Report | Ok, listen up people. I was reading the news and came across a pro-gun supplier that actually is using his 1st Amendment right as well as the name of a prominent anti-gun person to be able to voice your opinions on gun rights. And what is best is that he is using humor to do it. The name of the site is senatorfeinstein.com

Please feel free to visit the site and post anything related to stories or opinions that you may have regarding proposed gun issues or stories about legally owned firearms owners that have defended themselves or others using guns when he finishes launching it. 

Real Preppers Are Not What Most People Think

As most of my readers know by now, I am a prepper. I have been a prepper since the early 1980’s. But I see a lot of people seem to think that preppers are a bunch of nuts that are waiting for the end of the world. That we want to be able to take on any forces that come against us out of pure paranoia.

That may be true as I have seen from many sites that teach survivalism or dooms day prepping. They always seem to tell everyone that listens to them that they need to live or have access to lands in very remote areas  of the country. They even promote building extreme underground bunkers. As well as selling every conceivable item that one could own in order to survive any purported crisis imaginable.

Some are telling you that you need this or that type of weapon and tons of ammo so that you can take on an army. Let’s get real folks, Do you really think that you are going to be able to stand against an army? Do you really think that you would be able to take on a missile or drone? What about aerial surveillance?  A satellite can read a pack of cigarettes from 200 miles in space, what makes you think they can’t see you if they wanted to track you? Are you going to live underground so they can’t see your heat signature? These are realities.

The real reason that I teach prepping is for self reliance and, to help others in the event of a natural or manmade catastrophe. If you have noticed, I have never opened a website or posted articles with anything that I sell. I do this only because I have been there and done that in as far as having fear of not being able to survive this or that situation from lack of preparedness. It is as simple as that.

As anyone that has lived through the cold war era, I knew that the real facts are that I can’t stop a nuclear attack anymore than I can tell the sun to come up. If the nation was to go into some major crisis, other than a nuclear war or biological event, I wanted to be able to grow my own foods and be able to survive because I have made useful use of my talents and treasures to invest in the things that I think are important to me that may help me to live more comfortable in case such a situation arises.

I will say this bluntly to all of you that are so filled with fear and anger about the things that we see around us everyday. If you think that you are going to “bug out” and live off the land, why don’t you go out and spend a month during the winter in the mountains or desert, and let me know how that works out for you. 

I can say this with complete certainty. Most of you would be dead before the month is over or, you would be heading back home to the safety and warmth of civilization. The realization of this point is that it hopefully will save you from killing yourself or others by trying to do something that you have not lived through and that you are not really prepared for.

Think about this for a moment. If you and every other guy thought that they could live out in the wilderness off the land, more people would already be doing it. Living off the land is hard at best. Even the animals that live in the wilderness move to lower grazing when winter sets in. The main reason is that it would be impossible for them to survive without going to lower ground to get what they need to survive.

What makes you think that because you are smarter than those stupid animals that you are better able to live off the land? At least the animals that are smart, know where to go and what they can live off during the different seasons. That is why geese fly south in the winter. Because they would freeze to death in the cold if they didn’t, let alone find food.

And if you think that good clothing is going to make you better off than the animals, Try going out as I said, with all your fancy clothes, but don’t bring any food or water to test out your theories. That’s why bears go into hibernation during the winter. They cannot get enough food to sustain themselves.

Ok, what’s my point here? It is just to say that you should not think that you are the best survivalist unless you have personally done it and survived already. If you have done that already and survived, you know that what I am saying is completely true. The dead never get to tell their stories usually unless they kept a diary. Besides that, even the so-called survivalists come back to civilization to get the provisions or protections they need. Survivalist is just that. It is a temporary measure. For most people, it is not a way of life.

Another point that needs to be mentioned that is just as important is your physical health. Just as the weakest of the animal kingdom do not survive in the wild long, you would be in the same situation too. Because the real facts are that in the wild, you are the weakest animal out there if you don’t have a lot of provisions, or are not fully trained in the ability to live off the natural surrounding that you may have to go, and a proper shelter stocked with all the things that you need to go through the seasons.

I have never tried to teach people that they are invincible if they have this or that item. What I have tried to do is tell people how they can make it through a crisis situation that may last a few months if they are properly trained and prepared.  Even with that said, there are no guarantees because you are not me.

You may or may not survive a crisis depending on how you have prepared for it. It all depends on your preparations, your physical fitness, your actual abilities, and most importantly, your determination to survive.

Recently I did an interview on preparedness, and the interviewer made a good point that stuck with me. He said this; if you think that you are so ready for a survival situation, just go out and turn off all your utilities for a week, and see how that works out before you get into the real situation. Make sure that you have to find water and food too. No cheating!

The great thing about doing this is that at least you can turn on your utilities and go back online.

Please don’t think that I am all negative about the realities of living in the wild. I love the idea of being able to survive off the land. But I am a realist. I am a prepper. That means that I want to be able to better live through what would definitely be a deadly situation had I not prepped at all. It’s as simple as that.

There are lots of people that will say that I am full of it. They will say I don’t really know what I am talking about. They will say they have what it takes and, have learned how to survive in the wilderness under all conditions. To those people I say this. I am glad for you. But the majority of people have no clue. So that makes you rare. I have a question for you though. Are you teaching others the truth? Or are you going to use those skills to make a buck off some chump that has no clue as to what it takes to survive? If you are doing that, you are in my opinion a person that is only a parasite in this world. You live off of the fear that you promote in people and, you are responsible for giving people false hope that may kill them in my opinion.

If you want more information regarding prepping and survival, you can go here and see my article on preparedness here. I have put in lots of links that you can use that may help you. I hope that for your sake, that you now understand what a prepper really is, and why we prep.



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Why You Should Not Accept Gun Registration

As most of you know by now, there is always some kind of knee jerk reaction to gun ownership by the liberal media any time something happens that they can use for headlines. The latest outrage comes on the heels of the Sandy Hook tragedy. A liberal paper on the east coast has chosen to publish all the names and addresses of legal gun owners in the New york area without their consent, or using common sense because it was accessible in a public database.

I will not mention the name of the paper because there are some of us that believe that the lawful citizen has the right to privacy in regards to gun ownership for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the criminal element that live among us, also read the news too. They can use this information to possibly target people so that they will be able to obtain more illegal guns through burglaries and robberies.

Secondly, some of those people on the list are people that have good reason to want their privacy more than the rest of us. Some of them have been victims of crime, and they do not want anyone knowing where they live. Especially the criminal element.

It is unfortunate that in order to make news, some media will disregard the safety of all others to make their opinions known about gun control. This is not acceptable. What good can come from this intrusion upon their privacy? None in many peoples opinions.

They have recklessly used the tragedy as a place to possibly cause more harm than good. If even one of the persons on their list comes to harm, the paper should be held completely responsible for their irresponsible actions.

The media and some politicians seem to think that this will shame people into giving up their right to keep and bear arms. They would be wrong in that assumption. It only causes the lawful citizen to be more wary about allowing anyone to know if they own firearms.

The fact that even owning a firearm, and that this information can be gathered and distributed to anyone outside of law enforcement is atrocious. How can any responsible person think that this serves the good of us all? It is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline in my opinion.

We do have many things in life that we can't control unfortunately. But this is not one of them. This information should not be allowed to be disseminated. On one hand, the anti-gun lobby seems to be of the mistaken belief that all good citizens should have all weapons registered. Then they allow things like this and, they think it is alright to do. On the other hand, it only makes honest law abiding citizens angry because of the blatant disregard of their safety.

Most gun owners that I know believe that if you own a gun, you don't put a sign on your lawn stating that fact. It's simple logic. The gun gives the law abiding citizen a fair chance against a criminal by the element of surprise. Studies show that a criminal is less likely to rob you if they think that they might be shot doing so.

But here we have an argument that is never going to be resolved until both sides of it can get to an agreement in what is thought of as sensible to any reasonable person. And in my mind, That is never going to happen in my life time. It is because our trust is being violated at every turn.

But we do have a ray of sunshine to this story. Since the article appeared in the paper, many thousands of people have come out against such irresponsible journalism. One such person has even taken it a step further by publishing the names and addresses of all the persons at that paper to show them how ridiculous their argument was. I am not saying that two wrongs make a right. I'm just saying that if they get anything out of this, they will see how it can expose them to unneeded danger and attention it can give. I am sure that they have written stories and upset people that would obviously break the law to hurt some of them too.

I do not want to post any links to either sides of the argument for obvious reasons of safety to all parties. But I could not let this go without voicing my strong opposition to having such registrations at all unless there are certain safeguards in place at the minimum. I still think that having all guns registered is a bad idea for a few reasons.

1. Having a central database can be dangerous in case that we have a government that arbitrarily decides to round up all legal weapons in an act against the Constitutional rights of the people.

2. That if this information was to get into the wrong hands, like in this case, it can do much more damage than good in my opinion.

3. What makes some think that by disarming the public at large, that the criminal element is going to stop breaking the law since laws only apply to the lawful citizens.

I see that our infamous Senator Diane Feinstein, the gun control guru, has introduced legislation to come after all high capacity guns. Not just so-called assault rifles. She cites some studies that she believes to be true relating to gun crimes from some really anti- gun authors. The fact that the studies mean nothing to all of us in reality world, but it does not seem to phase her one bit.

The premise of their arguments seem to be forgetting one unmistakeable fact. That in the studies that were cited, all of the criminals were "criminals to begin with", or they would not have been breaking the law in the first place.The law abiding citizen does not go gunning for anyone except in defense. I challenge any of those authors to show me one case of a lawful citizen carrying out an unlawful act. Even if they use the excuse that he/she owned the gun legally, the fact remains that they performed an illegal act. So that makes them a criminal in my books.

There will always be someone that can go off the reservation so to speak, and do terrible things. But do the rest of us need to suffer for the acts of so few in our country? Should everyone be on lock down?

This all adds up to violating our most fundamental rights under the Constitution. mainly our Second Amendment which is all I seem to be able to talk about lately, and just as important, our Fourth Amendment too. As well as possibly our Fifth Amendment too. The right about self incrimination. 

Further adding fuel to the fire that is much to the ire of those that want to trample our rights is that recently the State of Indiana, had stood up for the rights of its citizens by saying that the citizen has the right to defend their homes, cars, or personal effects, even against the police, if they are acting without out regard to the Fourth Amendment.

This in itself is important to remember. Because, if police can perform illegal searches without regard to the law, what is to keep them from breaking down more doors without the law to protect all of us. Please remember that the Supreme Court in Indiana tried to strip that right from the citizens in 2011. But the legislators of the state saw that it was in direct violation of the Fourth amendment rights guaranteed by our Constitution, and they overturned that right back to the people. Here is an article and the summary of that judgement.

Here is the rub though. Not all States have this right called "The Castle Doctrine". It comes from old law that says that one's home is his castle. The castle doctrine basically gives one the right to protect their home or property from illegal activities by anyone if such acts are unlawful regardless of who it is that breaks that law. In fact, according to the article, most States have tried or succeeded in stripping this right from their citizens long before most of us were born. Was this what our founders intended? Did they make laws that were intended to be disregarded by those that are supposed to uphold it in all cases?

It is a disturbing fact that in most of the United States, law enforcement can enter one's premises, their car, or go through one's personal belonging without a warrant and using the term "probable cause" or "imminent danger" as an excuse to violate our Fourth Amendment right to privacy. They force us to allow illegal searches and seizures and we are supposed to go to court after the fact, to have the court decide if they acted illegally. Is it legal? Not in my opinion. It is a known fact that most mainstream media have tried to suppress this information. Try looking it up on the web and you will mostly see articles relating to the oppositions side only. Why would they do that? You know the answer is simple. The do NOT want John Q. Public to know that we have that right or to be able to exercise it.

I do understand that there are times when getting a warrant may cause someone to lose their life. But if we are to disregard the law, who is really losing their life? ALL Americans. Through their loss of freedom that we are supposed to hold above all else in this land if we obey the law. By even stating my opinions, I am sure that I am at risk of being stripped of at least some of my rights in some way or another now. Is that what the founders intended? 

I am not against saving lives, but if we the people, do not understand that in order to have laws in the first place, all people have to obey them, not just some of the people. Our judges and police need to be above reproach because they are people that we are supposed to trust in upholding the laws. Even to the degree that they are held to a higher standard because of the nature of what they do.

If we allow them to violate any of our rights and disregard the laws, then the society as a whole will be diminished because of it. We cannot allow even one of our rights to be disregarded if we call ourselves Americans. If we do accept that violation, people will also accept that they are on their own, and start taking the law into their own hands. Bad justice breeds bad people. It's not that complicated. If the people that are law abiding are made to obey laws that are unjust, only applies to them, and not in their best interests, they will become the unlawful. Its that simple.

It is not a time for us to sit on the sidelines and let others do the necessary work of holding all politicians and judges accountable for their inaction's or actions. We have seen what that has done to America already. We need to make sure that we are doing all that we can, to uphold our laws by ALL people. We need to make sure that all laws that are passed are Constitutional in all respects, not just some parts of them. We need to do whatever it takes to do this, if we care anything about America and our Constitution.

So as the gun debates go in the direction of trying to take away our rights in the mainstream media, I will leave you with these thoughts. Do you really think that criminals or the deranged are going to stop hurting and killing good people because the rest of us are disarmed in some way or manner? The facts of history tells us otherwise. If you don't believe me, and I don't expect you too, please do some reading on history and some fact checking of your own to see the real story in an unbiased view. Are the criminals going to register their guns? Should all of us that own guns legally be willing to have our names and addresses on a database that anyone can use to take away that right? Or expose to every criminal out there? You have to decide that for yourself, because history also tells us that when the lawful citizens give up their right to protect themselves or others, the unlawful ALWAYS take charge. That's a fact! 

As the old saying goes. "When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns", rings truer now more than ever. Do we really think that making more laws, and restricting ownership is going to really have an effect on the criminals? History speaks loud and clear, and with deadly consequences on that one action.

Sandy Hill is just one case that proves my point about ridiculous laws that got many children killed and some adults too. The Oregon mall shooter also showed how the legally carrying citizen with a gun stopped a criminal from doing more killing than he did because of a lawful citizens actions. You cannot ignore facts no matter how hard they are to swallow.

If I thought that we could eliminate all weapons in all countries and with all people at all levels including governments too, and we could stop the killing by anyone, I would gladly turn in my firearms or destroy them myself. But until all of the world disarms themselves, including all the governments, and we can eliminate all evil, I will retain my right under the Second Amendment to KEEP and BEAR ARMS.

Just remember that before the gun there were spears, arrows, swords, and knives, and before that people used rocks, sticks, clubs, or their bare hands. If you want to really think about something, try figuring out how to stop people from killing other people, not trying to make ignorant laws that harm even more people. Until you figure out how to ban evil, I'll keep my guns for defense and you can go defenseless. Let me know how that works for you. You won't have to worry about me hurting you unless you try to harm me or my loved ones, but I would not be sure about those other guys out there that care less about you or me or, any law you make.

When we can finally remove all evil from the world, we will no longer have a need for any weapons except those that would protect us from the animals that would just as soon eat us, as leave us alive. I live in reality, I only wish others did.


The Real History of Violence: America’s Worst School Massacres and More

An honest assessment about guns, violence, and real statistics, not what you hear on the Main Stream Media news.

First, I want to start by saying that my heart and prayers go out to all those around the world, who are directly and indirectly affected by any terrible event which involves illegal or, abhorrent behavior and extreme violence, such as what just happened in Connecticut, and elsewhere in America. 

I am of a firm belief that our Constitution and our country are being torn apart piece by piece. Not from outside forces, but from those that have infiltrated the nation at every level of the administration of government, military, police, media, and our public schools. I am not saying that all of these people are bad; I am saying that some of them in key positions are. The vast majority of these people are all blissfully ignorant.

I have been watching what is going on in the news since this recent tragedy, and all I see is a bunch of lies and misconceptions, and disinformation being presented as facts.

In 1988, there was a study done by the CATO institute that was suppressed by our government, because the findings of the study found that gun bans, as well as gun registration, did NOT deter gun crimes or criminals.

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