The Traitors: Never Trump List

Public officials

Former Presidents

Former President George H. W. Bush

Former 2016 Republican presidential primary candidates

All candidates signed a pledge to eventually support the party nominee. The following have refused to honor it.

Former federal cabinet-level officials

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice


Ohio Governor John Kasich
Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 nominee for President Mitt Romney

U.S. Senators

Arizona Senator and 2008 nominee for President John McCain

U.S. Representatives

Nevada U.S. Representative and 2016 nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Heck
Host of Morning Joe on MSNBC and former U.S. Representative from Florida Joe Scarborough

Former State Department officials

Former Defense Department officials

Former National Security officials

Other former federal government officials

Former Chief of Staff to the Vice President and founder of The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol

Statewide officials


State legislators


Municipal officials

Other notable individuals

Republican Party figures

George Will, conservative commentator

Conservative academics, journalists and commentators

Business leaders

Meg Whitman, current HP and former eBay CEO

Republican groups

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