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FBI Agent Who Quit Over Clinton Probe Headed to Congress

Featured FBI Agent Who Quit Over Clinton Probe Headed to Congress

TruePundit.com | TruePundit is reporting that a former FBI agent who quit his job over how the bureau handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation is going to congress to testify.  John Giacalone, who led the investigation for the first seven months, will reportedly testify how former President Obama and fired FBI Director James Comey helped Clinton.

According to TruePundit, Giacalone is expected to testify that FBI leadership rigged the investigative process so that Clinton could avoid charges for clearly violating the law.

The investigation, is being led by Republican Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Trey Gowdy of South Carolina.

True Pundit wrote about Giacalone in September 2016, the first media outlet to detail why he quit the FBI over Comey’s tainted Hillary Clinton probe.

In addition to Mr. Giacalone, assistant director of the FBI' s counterintelligence division, Bill Priestap and Michael Steinbach, the former chief of the FBI's national security department and the person who succeeded Giacalone, will also testify.

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Last modified onFriday, 01 June 2018 07:57
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