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Kash Patel: Durham is Building a Bigger Conspiracy Case

Featured Kash Patel: Durham is Building a Bigger Conspiracy Case

www.Breitbart.com | Former lead investigator in exposing "Russiagate", Kash Patel, said special prosecutor John Durham's recent indicment of Igor Danchenko suggest that he is building a larger conspiracy case.

Last modified onMonday, 08 November 2021 09:37
Francisco d'Anconia

Francisco d'Anconia is an owner by inheritance of the world's largest copper mining operation. He is a childhood friend, and the first love, of Dagny Taggart. A child prodigy of exceptional talents, Francisco was dubbed the "climax" of the d'Anconia line, an already prestigious family of skilled industrialists. He was a classmate of John Galt and Ragnar Danneskjöld. He began working while still in school, proving that he could have made a fortune without the aid of his family's wealth and power. His full name is given as "Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastián d'Anconia".

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