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Dinner at Podesta's: The 'Journalists'

DailyCaller.com | Hillary Clinton’s inner circle proposed inviting a small group of reporters to lobbyist John Podesta’s home for an “off-the-record” dinner to talk about “the only people they should trust” with campaign news, leaked emails show.

The list of Journalists invited to John Podesta's home for Dinner:

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Catholic League: Podesta Must Now Be Fired

Bill Donohue comments on why the Clinton campaign must fire John Podesta:

Yesterday, I stopped short of asking Hillary Clinton to fire John Podesta, her campaign chairman. In light of the latest Wikileaks revelations, she has no choice but to cut all ties with this man. The man is hell bent on creating mutiny in the Catholic Church and must therefore be fired.

  • Published in U.S.
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