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Obama Campaign Paid Law Firm that Financied "Trump Dossier"

TheFederalist.com | Sean Davis | Former President Obama's campaign organization paid nearly a million dollars to the same law firm that financied the "Trump Dossier" through Fusion GPS.  Accodring to records filed with the Fedeal Election Commisson (FEC), since April of 2016, Obama For America has paid over $972,000 to Perkins Coie.

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President Trump's Full Speech in Arizona - 8/23/2017

YouTube.com | Right Side Broadcasting Network | President Trump's speech in Arizona. The president double-downed on his agenda, immigration reform (the Wall), a likely pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio (but not now), the Fake News & corrupt Media Elite, the inneffective Senate leadership, individual Senators, the Senate Fillibuster rule, America First Trade Agreements and more.

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Trump's Speech to the New World Order

YouTube.com | lockedine | Great video that clearly shows why President Trump is being attacked by the corporate/media/political elite on the left and the right.  President Trump's Speech to the New World Order.


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President Trump's Defining Speech in Poland

YouTube.com | President Trump Live Speech & News | The White House description of Donald Trump’s speech Thursday in Warsaw was simply, “Remarks by President Trump to the People of Poland.” In truth, Mr. Trump’s remarks were directed at the people of the world. Six months into his first term of office, Mr. Trump finally offered the core of what could become a governing philosophy. It is a determined and affirmative defense of the Western tradition. (video below)

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Trump’s Media Strategy is Failing — Here’s How to Fix It

medium.com | @Cernovich | Trump supporters do not read the NY times. Write this onto the blackboard 100 times, The Simpsons opening style, and you’ll understand what you’re about to learn.
If your supporters aren’t reading stories about you, why is your media team spending all of its time responding to those stories?

Trump and Clinton / Anthony Weiner supporters live in parallel media universes. If you do not understand this, you will lose the media game.

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President Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

washingtonexaminer.com | The Wall Street Journal editorial board, right-leaning but frequently critical of Donald Trump, said the president was right to terminate FBI Director James Comey.

The paper had called for Comey to resign before Trump was sworn into office and the Journal said Tuesday night, after the White House announced it had fired him, that he has become too political.

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Did President Obama Spy on Donald Trump?

YouTube.com | Stefan Molyneux | On March 4th, 2016, President Donald Trump published a series of tweets alleging that former President Barack Obama and his administration spied on him during his presidential campaign. President Barack Obama's carefully worded statement to President Trump's accusations have only added fuel to the political fire engulfing the highest office in the United States.

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Trump Transition Report

President-elect Donald Trump provides an update on his transition to the presidency and his plans for the first 100 days.

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Trump Beating Clinton With 70% Of The Electoral Votes

NevoNews.com | The latest 2016 presidential poll has Donald Trump destroying Hitlery Clinton in a head-to-head matchup, 375 electoral votes to Hitlery’s 163. That is an astonishing 70% to 30%, and is very good news if you are a Donald Trump supporter.

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