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Hillary Clinton, DNC Colluded With Russia In An Attempt To Steal The Election From Donald Trump

ZeroHedge.com | Tyler Durden | Coming after the recent report in the Washington Post confirming that the Clinton campaign and the Democractic National Committiee (DNC) funded the "Russia Dossier" used to smear then candidate and now President Trump, we learn that the same Clinton-DNC cabal colluded with Russians to speard this disinformation in an attempt to influence the U.S. presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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New "Group Think" for War with Syria & Russia

Not since the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq has Official Washington’s political/punditry class clamored more single-mindedly – and openly – for the U.S. government to commit a gross violation of international law, now urging a major military assault on the government of Syria while also escalating tensions with nuclear-armed Russia.

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Uranium to Russia, Cash to Clintons. Coincidence?

www.breitbart.com | A newly released GAI timeline depicts the sequence of events leading up to then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s approval of the transfer of half of U.S. Uranium output (20% of all U.S. Uranium) to the Russian government in 2010.

Clinton’s State Department was one of eight agencies to review the deal, but Hillary Clinton was the only agency head whose family foundation bagged $145 million in donations, reports the New York Times and Clinton Cash.

Indeed, the head of the Russian government’s uranium company, Ian Telfer, made a secret $2.35 million foreign donation to the Clinton Foundation, as was confirmed by the New York Times.

Bill Clinton also received a $500,000 speaking fee for a speech in Moscow paid for by a Kremlin-connected bank, reports the New Yorker.

“I’ve gotta pay our bills,” explained Bill Clinton.

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Russian Suicide Bomber Blows Self Up

Telegraph.co.uk | A "BlackWidow" suicide bomber planned a terrorist attack in central Moscow on New Year's Eve but was killed when an unexpected text message set off her bomb too early, according to Russion security sources.

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