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John Galt

John Galt

John Galt is our fearless leader.   Before founding The Galt Report, Galt worked as an engineer for the Twentieth Century Motor Company, where he secretly invented a generator of usable electric energy from ambient static electricity, but abandoned his prototype, and his employment, when dissatisfied by an easily corrupted novel system of payment. This prototype was found by Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden. Galt himself remains concealed in a remote valley, where he unites the most skillful inventors and business leaders under his leadership.

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FBI Witch Hunt Targets Dissenters

Infowars.com | following a media hailstorm blaming the Loughner shootings on “rightwingers” and “conspiracy theorists,” the FBI has actually begun visiting the homes of dissenters who criticize members of Congress to investigate their intentions.

Citizen Spies Target Political Speech and Gun Owners

Infowars.com | A plethora of tyrannical campaigns have been initiated and designed to break up communities and turn citizens against one another. The justifications for these fascist programs are always a matter of national security. The real reason for these programs and even the events that brought them into existence is to set up a police control grid.

New York Owes $200 Billion in Health Care Costs

Natural News | New York State, along with its cities and counties, have promised $200 billion worth of retirement health care benefits to their employees, and no one knows where that money is going to come from, according to a study conducted by the Empire Center for New York State Policy.

JP Morgan Chase Profit Surges 47%

Washington Post | J.P. Morgan Chase posted a record $4.83 billion quarterly profit Friday, buoyed by $2 billion in reserves added back to earnings as credit quality and the economy improved.

California Declares Fiscal Emergency

CNBC | California's governor, Jerry Brown, has declared a fiscal emergency for the government of California to pressure lawmakers to resolve the states $25.4 billion dollar budget gap

States Consider Bankruptcy

CNBC | Policymakers are working behind the scenes to come up with a way to let states declare bankruptcy and get out from under crushing debts, including the pensions they have promised to retired public workers.

Bernanke Against Bailout for States

WSJ | Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke ruled out the possibility of a Federal Reserve bailout of state and local governments, despite the large debt burden many states are facing.  The chairman said the Fed had limited authority to help the situation.

Police Increase Use of Drones

Washington Post | AUSTIN - Agents of the Texas department of public safety who believed a man to have a large amount of drugs and weapons in his home, launched a small bird-like device called as Wasp to beam live video to agents on the ground.

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