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The Ukraine Crisis: What You Need to Know

Substack.com | The Corbett Report | James Corbett takes a deep look at the many sides of the Ukraine crisis including "Team NATO", "Team BRICS" and what I like to call, "Team Reality".  Noteable quotes below.

  • Written by: John Galt
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Warmongers actually WANT Russia to Invade

Rumble.com | Tulsi Gabbard | Tulsi discusses the potential imminent invasion of the Ukraine by Russia and how the Biden administration can easilly prevent this and the resulting conflict with the U.S. and the rest of Europe.

  • Written by: Henry Rearden
  • Category: Politics
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The Religion of Liberals: Censorship

Substack.com | Glenn Greenwald | Glenn discusses the liberal Democratic Party adherents obsessive desire to censor people that don't agree with them.

  • Written by: Dagny Taggart
  • Category: Politics
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