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2024 Presidential Preference Poll

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GaltReport.com | Below find the current GaltReport.com 2024 presidential preference poll where we polled the GaltReport team on their current presidential preferences.  Governor DeSantis is the clear favorite with Tulsi Gabbard 2nd and Trump trailing with zero votes.  This poll will be updated periodically as opinions change and the positions of various potential candidates are clarified.  


galtreport poll


The most surprising thing about the poll is Trump.  The team was full-on Trump supporters in the last 2 presedential elections.  Why no Trump support?  Follow-up questions reveal some of the reasons for not supporting Trump for the next election:

  • Drain the swamp?  No, he didn't.
  • Build the big beautiful wall?  No, he didn't.
  • Hire team MAGA and independants/reformers ?  No, he didn't.  
  • "I like taking the guns early...due process later" - Yes, he said that, we have the video.
  • Hired Swamp, Warmonger John Bolton.  Think about that.
  • Purged National Security Council of his own supporters.  
  • Hired FBI Director Christoper "They just need more taining" Wray.  A man so awesome that Biden kept him.
  • Too influenced by his family (daughter, son-in-law).
  • Didn't pardon Julian Assange.  That alone is enough for most of us.
  • Success of people like Governor Youngkin of Virginia reveal success is possible without Trump.
  • His presidency led to the current Biden administration.  Think about that.

The concensus best thing about the Trump presidency seems to have been that just by running and being elected he exposed the fake 2 party system and systemic government corruption.  Unfortuntely, he didn't do anything about it.  In fact, he couldn't wait to drain the natinal security council of MAGA supporters and hire warmongering RHINO & SWAMP.  Maybe he got some better judges, we'll give him that.   

In the end, none of us believe that if elected again he would hire MAGA people, independents/reformers that could really shake up the system.   The latter area is why you see support for a Democract like Tulsi Gabbard.  She is courageous and willing to speak out against the "corrupt system" and "power elite" in Washington.  The American people, GaltReport team included, are STILL looking for someone, anyone, that can make a dent in this failed corrupt system.




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