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Rehabilitating Neocons as Thought Leaders

  • Published in Politics

Substack.com | Glenn Greenwald | Glenn discusses the bizarre dynamic of fanatical Neocon warmongers who have become popular pundits and "thought leaders" in American liberalism.

From Glenn's article:

...they have correctly perceived that their agenda is better served by migrating back to the Democratic Party which originally spawned their bloodthirsty ideology...The corporate media outlets consumed most voraciously by liberals are filled to the brim with war-loving neocons.

they are always, in every case, in favor of any opportunites for the U.S. to involve itself in a new war...Neocons derive purpose, self-esteem and arousal from watching other people's children fight and die in wars.

...neocons smear anyone who opposed their plots to involve the U.S. in new wars as traitors, on the side of whichever Bad Leader they want (others) to fight.

Glenn's article is a "MUST READ" if there ever was one.  See the link below for the full article.

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