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The Ukraine Crisis: What You Need to Know

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Substack.com | The Corbett Report | James Corbett takes a deep look at the many sides of the Ukraine crisis including "Team NATO", "Team BRICS" and what I like to call, "Team Reality".  Noteable quotes below.

 Putin is an "anti-globalist crusader" in the exact same way as Donald "Fill the Swamp" Trump is an "anti-globalist crusader," which is to say, not at all.

If you are still waiting on the sealed indictments and the watermarked ballots and Vladimir the Great to upset the globalist apple cart, you have yet to understand the narture of the globalist system.

The uncomfortable truth, as always, is that the war has not just begun, it's been going on for generations...and it's not a war of nation against nation...It is a global war against you.

To the extent that wars are being waged between the elitists, they are only being waged to determine which group of elitists get to rule over you and in what way.

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Russian Myths vs Russian Reality with Edward Slavsquat:

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